AAJ 2020 Winter Convention - Litigation Groups

February 8-11, 2020 - Hilton New Orleans

Please note: All monitors are provided with table stands unless a floor stand is ordered. All prices are for a single day. Please provide your room name and session/meeting time. We will schedule the install and strike of equipment to ensure it is ready for your session. If you have any questions, we can be reached at exhibits@seamlessevents.com. Thank you!

Standard Delivery / Pickup Charge

From $200.00

40" LCD Monitor

From $250.00

32" LCD Monitor

From $200.00

Projector Package: LCD Projector w/Stand, Screen, HDMI Cables

From $500.00

Podium Microphone (MX412 wired)

From $35.00

Windows Laptop with MS Office

From $150.00

Wireless Microphone (Hand Held or Lavaliere)

From $150.00

Audio Package: Mixer, Two Powered Speakers on Stands

From $250.00

Dual-Pole Floor Stand for Monitors 32" and Larger

From $100.00

Wireless USB Slide Advancer

From $50.00

65" Monitor

From $400.00

Shelf Unit for Monitor Stand

From $25.00